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Several Online COVID-19 Consultation Platforms Are Launched for Overseas Chinese

A number of COVID-19 consultation platforms have been launched by some large companies and public welfare foundations to provide free services to overseas Chinese. Doctors who have participated in the fight against COVID-19 are volunteering to provide online consultation on COVID-19 prevention and treatment to their overseas compatriots.

WeDoctor: https://promo.guahao.com/en/global/pneumonia

Baidu Health: https://dwz.cn/nBqTEBem

JDH: https://health.jd.com/ , or search for “海外问诊”or“全球抗疫”on JD app.

Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation: https://covid-19.alibabacloud.com/#J_6259459130 , or search for “科学防疫” on Alipay app.

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