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Speech at 2008 Donation Ceremony to Alexandra Community--By Consul General Fang Li

Good morning!

I am so glad to be with all of you today in this wonderful function. It's the second time that I am here with you fellows. Last year I was here, and I still remember how happy you were with your Chinese friends, who give you the food and clothes in support of you and your families.

I know this year is the 4th year that your Chinese friends bring with you the food and clothes. All the Chinese friends want to make this year better than last one. Today, 300 families gain donation from your Chinese friends as they got last year. Moreover, there are also 50 lucky students, who will get their school fees to be paid by your Chinese friends. These kids are doing well in their study, but their families are not rich enough. Chinese people will help them!


Please allow me to express our warm gratitude toward the local Chinese people. While they are living and working here in Johannesburg, they would like to really do something valuable to the local people, the local community and the local society. Chinese people living here are keen to make greater contribution to the development of the City of Johannesburg and the Gauteng Province. This year, local Chinese people donate so much food and clothes that are worth proximately R 300,000 to their friends in Alexandra!

The present year, 2008, is an unusual year in Chinese history. In the beginning of the year, the southern parts of China suffered from a severe calamity of ice and snow. On May 12th, an 8-magnitude earthquake left more than 80,000 dead and missing and millions homeless. But Chinese people do not yield to the natural catastrophe. Nevertheless, China still present a most successful and wonderful Olympics. Chinese people in South Africa also contribute a lot to assist those Chinese people in disaster area as what they do today to you, their friend in South Africa.


Please allow me to express my appreciation to the Legislature of the Gauteng Province. They worked hard to make today a perfect function.


The year of 2008 also marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relationship between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of South Africa. Since 1998, more and more Chinese people come to beautiful South Africa. They bring with them friendship to South African people. Let's wish the friendship between the two countries will be enhanced, the cooperation between China and South Africa will have a bright future.

China will always be your friend; Chinese people will forever be your brothers!

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