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Consul General Tang Zhongdong Meets with JMPD Chief David Tembe

On February 12, Consul General Tang Zhongdong met with JMPD Chief David Tembe. They had discussions on promoting collaborations, enhancing safety measures in local Chinese community, identifying safety risks and Mandarin training for JMPD police. CG Tang also briefed him on China’s efforts of combating COVID-19.

CG Tang expressed thankfulness to Chief Tembe and JMPD for their efforts on maintaining law and order in Johannesburg, and especially for the increasing police patrol around China Mall. Tang indicated that the biggest concern and care of this Consulate General is the lives and property safety of the local Chinese community. This Consulate General will strengthen exchange and collaboration with JMPD to ensure security of the local Chinese community.

Chief Tembe said that combating crimes for a safer community is the duty of JMPD and support and understanding from the local Chinese community is appreciated. He believed the security situation in Johannesburg will be greatly improved if all parties concerned work together. JMPD will keep close exchange with the Chinese Consulate General in Johannesburg and enhance collaboration with the local Chinese communities.

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