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Consul General Tang Zhongdong Attends Parents Meeting in Free State

On February 19, at the invitation of Free State Premier Sisi Ntombela, Consul General Tang Zhongdong attended the parents meeting held by the provincial government in Bloemfontein, briefing on China’s efforts fighting against the COVID-19, development of the epidemic in Hubei province and the current condition of Free State students who have statyed to study in Wuhan city. Over 200 people, including officials and experts from Free State provincial and various municipal governments, national government agencies and parents of Free State students studying in China, attended the meeting.

CG Tang introduced the efforts made by China on epidemic prevention and control, indicating that the Chinese government and universities have set the health of foreign students in China as a priority in their work and suggested the students to cooperate with the universities, study online and try to overcome their stress. He also asked the parents to keep calm and confident. Although the disease is fatal and people-to-people transmmitted, it is preventable, controllable and curable, none of the South African students in China has been reported to be infected.

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