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Consul General Tang Zhongdong Accompanies General Khehla Sitole Visiting China Mall in Johannesburg

On February 24, Consul General Tang Zhongdong accompanied General Khehla Sitole, National Police Commissioner, in a visit to China Mall Johannesburg. They had productive discussions with some business owners and China Mall management team on tackling crime issues within and around China Mall.

CG Tang said, a big Chinese business community in South Africa has been based in Johannesburg, and China Mall has become a distribution center for exporting goods to neighbouring African countries, bringing lots of employment opportunities and tax revenues to the country. The Chinese Consulate General in Johannesburg is concerned about safety condition within and around China Mall and is noticing the security situation has improved following the joint patrolling by the police, China CPF and security guards of China Mall.

General Khehla Sitole assured CG and China Mall management to keep on working in making joint efforts fighting against crimes.

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